The most common strategies in online roulette games

Although betflik free credit 88 the game of roulette is hundreds of years old, there are enough online roulette games todaywho constantly bring something new to the classic wheel of fortune. As is well known, the game of roulette was invented about three and a half centuries ago and appeared practically by accident. A failed experiment by the well-known physicist Blaise Pascal turned into a game of chance that became practically the law in casinos all over the world. Thus, the game of roulette is the attraction in all casinos and gambling halls, although at one time it was considered an exclusive game, intended only for the rich. Originally, the roulette wheel had been intended to create a machine that could propel itself without the intervention of any other external force. The wheel was later numbered from 1 to 36 in alternating red and black colors. Today, however, we have online roulette games that fully respect these principles,

Rules of online roulette games
Despite its age, the basic rules have been preserved to this day and we find them even in online roulette games. Basically, the game of roulette is based on guessing the winning number indicated by the ball thrown on the numbered wheel handle. Once the ball lands on one of the 36 boxes, to which the number zero is added, that will be the winning number. However, roulette has another main component, and this is the game table. It is numbered accordingly, with the 36 numbers, including the digit zero, placed on lines, sectors and columns. The stakes are placed on the game table, which can be on a single number, in which case the winnings will be multiplied 35 times, on two or more numbers. This is actually the beauty of the game of roulette, where you have no restrictions on the stake either, nor about the numbers you bet on. From this point of view, in online roulette, as in classic roulette, you have multiple betting possibilities: on groups of 4, 6 or eight numbers, on lines and sectors of 12 numbers, on red or black numbers, on even/odd or small/large ones.

What strategies do I have in online roulette games?
Despite the various betting possibilities, no one has so far been able to unravel the mystery of the game of roulette. For a long time, it was believed that it hides a magical combination and an algorithm after which the numbers come, ignoring the fact that we are dealing with a game of chance. However, some of the most brilliant minds have tried, throughout time, to find various strategies to cheat roulette. That is, to place the stakes in such a way that they emerge victorious in the end.

Martingale, the surest way to make a profit
One of the most popular online roulette strategies is the Martingale. This is based on doubling the stake played, on an all-or-nothing basis, until the player wins. Usually, betting on a group of numbers that will bring you a smaller but safer win is chosen for this. For this reason, options with odds of 2 to 1 are chosen, such as betting on color or even/odd numbers.

Other well-known strategies are Labouchere or Fibonacci, named after mathematicians of the time, based on strings of numbers and algorithms that will ultimately bring you profit over roulette.

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