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In the past few years, online casinos in the United States have undergone rapid transformations, as some states have gradually legalized their online gambling markets. While things are relaxing in the New Jersey Casino circuit and Delaware, this is not a nationwide phenomenon. As many US gamblers are aware, determining where you can and cannot wager and what activities you are allowed to engage in is a complicated process in the United States. This article aims to clarify the California online casino circumstance.

CasinoTop10 Online Casino Reviews in Canada

Online Californian-based casinos are illegal, and non-California-based, licensed, and regulated online casinos in California are not precisely permitted to accept Californian players. This is in contrast to their regulation of land-based gambling, where residents can travel to tribe-owned lands to wager at traditional casino tables or operate slot machines. Outside of these jurisdictions, however, casinos are illegal, with the exception of CardClubs, where poker is played. In conclusion, it is clear that wagering in California is a complex issue! However, there is a silver lining to this cloud. Social casinos, casinos utilizing virtual currency, and sweepstakes are entirely legal in California. In addition, these CA online casinos offer a wide variety of entertaining casino games! You can learn everything about them on our pages of casino evaluations.

Best California Online Casinos by CasinoTop10 must:


Ensure that all participants are at least 21 years old, as required by California law;

Secure your website with SSL encryption and provide secure payment options;

Have a vast selection of activities;

Provide superior customer support and service channels;

Provide enticing bonuses and promotions to attract participants.

The Legality of Land-Based Casinos and Online Casinos in California

California is a fascinating gambling territory because it has no laws prohibiting or regulating online gambling, and residents are not prosecuted for wagering. However, certain activities, predominantly on land, are rigorously regulated. Here is what the law states:


If you reside in California, you must be 18 to play the lottery and 21 to gamble in a casino, sportsbook, poker area, or bingo hall.

These are the recognized and regulated forms of land-based gambling in California:


The only land-based casinos permitted in California are tribal casinos. These casinos are completely functional, but are restricted to Tribal Lands. As a point of reference, 62/109 California tribes own a casino within the state. California is the gambling epicenter of the United States, with a total of 69 Native American casinos, including 50 Indian casinos, 16 Indian casino resorts, and 3 mini-casinos, offering over 70,000 slot machines and 2,000 table games.

CardClubs: These are places to play cards for a prize pot, which are essentially glorified Poker Rooms, charging a buy-in fee and enabling players to compete against each other as opposed to the house – thereby circumventing casino and territory laws. CardClubs are permitted to use the name of a casino, further confounding matters! The Bicycle Casino is the most well-known example of a California casino.

Mutual Horse wagering: Only horse racing is permitted for pool wagering. Again, participants compete against one another to win the pot, as opposed to the house, which distinguishes this activity from traditional casino/sportsbook wagering. Pool betting is only permitted in California for horse races.

Gambling for charitable purposes is permitted and not taxed. It typically refers to Bingo, but may also encompass other activities. The entire profit will be donated to charity.

State Lottery: The Government of California regulates the State lottery, and anyone over the age of 18 may participate.

There have been recent attempts to bring all gambling in California and online casinos in California in particular under a system of regulation, but none have been successful to date. This is somewhat perplexing, as California seems to say that some forms of gambling are acceptable, but not all. With the push for reform and the need for tax revenue, it is uncertain how long the current situation in California will persist, particularly as the tide in the United States turns towards legalization and States begin to view the tax revenue as outweighing the concerns of addictive gambling. With California permitting gambling but not regulating the online gambling California market, the state is effectively losing out on a substantial amount of tax revenue that could be used to its advantage. While there is no CasinoTop10 crystal ball, this situation is ripe for legalization, particularly given California’s reputation as a liberal state.



Gambling on Land in California Today

Numerous Californians engage in land-based gambling today, traveling to tribal lands and renowned casino resorts to engage in world-class wagering. The fact that it is regulated on tribal properties generates substantial casino revenue and tourism revenue. There are numerous land-based casinos that are renowned resorts that you can visit, spend the weekend at, enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime casino experience at, and satiate your wagering needs at.


Top California Casinos

Casino Location Unique features Size

San Manuel Casino Highland Dining, Bingo, 130 Table Games, and 4800 Slot Machines.

Sycuan Casino Resort El Cajon Spa, Restaurants, Shops17 Poker Tables 50 Table Games 2800 Slots

Spa, Shops, and Restaurants are available at the Cache Creek Casino Resort Brooks Spa.14 Poker Tables 100 Table Games 2300 Slots

Pala Casino Spa Resort Pala Bingo, Spa, Shops, Restaurants80 Table Games 8 Poker Tables

2250 Slots

Placerville Red Hawk Casino Attractions, Shops75 Table Games 7 Poker Tables

2200 Slots

California Online Gambling Laws

As operating an online casino onshore in California is prohibited, there are no online casinos in California where players can wager. Despite the fact that State law does not regulate whether or not Californians may gamble at an online casino CA, you should be aware that the State of California permits municipalities to enact their own local regulations if State law does not regulate a particular area. This effectively implies that your California municipality could make online gambling illegal, but to our knowledge, this is not the case in any California municipality.


What should I know about California Online Casinos?

There are no online casinos situated in California because they are illegal.

As most players wind up at international online casinos, there is a fantastic selection of bonuses, games, and promotions; however, it is risky for California residents to play on these sites.

Once online casinos are legalized in California, users will be able to select a site with the highest standards.

Recent Attempts to Regulate California Online Casinos

In 2015, four state measures were proposed to legalize and regulate online poker in California, but none were enacted due to revisions that stalled the legislative process. A new measure to regulate all sports betting was proposed in 2018 and will be voted on in 2020.


What the Law Regarding Offshore Casinos Means for California Players

This inquiry returns us to the gray area. Participating in online gambling is not strictly prohibited, as it is exempt from state law, but it is illegal to operate an online casino in California. However, as long as a casino is licensed and regulated and you are at least 21 years old, international casinos may take Californian players at their discretion, as the state does not prohibit its citizens from joining an online casino. As there are no guarantees that this is secure, it is generally not a good idea for California online casino gamblers to do so.


California Online Casinos with Online Casino Games

As a California online casino player, you will have access to some of the best casino sites in the world once the law allowing online gambling in California is enacted. This means that you cannot play California online slots, classic table games, or live casino games at this time, despite having access to a vast array of options and some of the best game software ever created.


Included are classic, video, and jackpot slot machines.

Table Games: Play online Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Sic Bo, and Poker, in addition to numerous other classic options.

Live Casino Games: Try out a live dealer table at the top online casinos for unrivaled action and thrills!

Payment Methods at Canadian Online Casinos

With the legalization of online wagering in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, the payment options at all online casinos in the United States have expanded. Neteller recently withdrew from US markets due to licensing concerns, and the United States as a whole is a difficult market for casino operators and payment gateways, who find it difficult to keep up with State-level regulations as opposed to federal laws.


US casinos accept Debit and Credit Cards, as well as PayPal, for the vast majority of gambling services, but what is available online will depend largely on the casino you choose to play at. Prior to the legalization of online wagering in California, none of the above payment methods will be available.


FAQs for California Online Casinos

Is it lawful to gamble online in the state of California?

This industry is not specifically regulated by state law; however, certain municipalities have enacted local regulations that make it illegal in their jurisdiction. Consequently, it is essential for a Californian participant to examine municipal regulations. According to our knowledge, there are no local or state laws that make it illegal for a California resident to gamble online. However, it is unlawful to operate an online casino in California.


What is the difference between State law and Federal law in the United States?

Federal law is enacted by the federal government and applies to all states; however, states are also permitted to enact State law, so long as it does not circumvent federal law and is applicable only within their territory.


People have mentioned the repeal of PASPA; what is it?

PASPA refers to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, which made federally unlawful sports betting in the United States. As PASPA was a federal law until its repeal in 2018, it has been up to each state to determine whether or not to legalize sports betting in its territory.


Can I access a California online casino via my smartphone or tablet?

Yes is the simple solution! Casinos accessible to Californian players frequently compete globally to offer the most advanced technology and activities. In California, however, online gambling on any device is prohibited.


What casino games can I play at online casinos in California?

There are no online casinos in California. At legalized online casinos in the United States, you can play online slots, progressive rewards, table games, and poker, to name just a few!


Can California online casinos accept USD for online casino games?

Yes, there are numerous online casinos that accept US dollars, particularly those that cater to the American market or the major international participants. However, California residents are prohibited from using the funds for online gambling.


Are the online casinos on this site regulated in California?

Yes, all of the recommended online casinos in California are regulated. We also look for certifications from eCGORA, iTECH Labs, and Gaming Lab International, which indicate that the casino’s RNG and RTP have been tested and audited. Only casinos satisfying fair play requirements are certified by the aforementioned independent testing labs.


Am I eligible for a bonus at an online casino in California?

As previously indicated, it is not possible to play at an online casino in California.


How do I begin playing for real money at an online casino in California that accepts Californian players?

You cannot play at an online casino for real money in California until the relevant state law is enacted.


In California, am I required to pay taxes on my gambling winnings?

Yes, California taxes both land-based and online casino winnings.


Play at a Casino in California

Until a state law is passed explicitly authorizing the various forms of CA online gambling, participants from California do not have access to online casinos. Your best bet would be to visit a local brick-and-mortar casino or to partake in one of the legal gambling options listed above.

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