Basic rules to follow at casino roulette

If betflik 789 we were to take a look among today’s gambling games, casino roulette is by far the most widespread. The game can be found in almost any casino, regardless of whether we are talking here about classic, physical rooms or virtual casinos. It’s no wonder, since casino roulette is one of the oldest games of chance, at least if we take into account the period in which modern casinos were developed. The game was invented practically by accident, about three and a half centuries ago, by the famous French physicist Blaise Pascal. He had set out on his adventure to invent a machine that would propel itself, without the help of external forces.

His experiment was based on a wooden wheel placed on a metal axle, designed to spin like a perpetual motion machine. Unfortunately, Pascal’s experiment failed, but the huge wooden wheel was immediately seen as a winning opportunity for a casino-gaming friend, a big fan of gambling. 36 numbers were placed on the wheel, arranged alternately, in red and black boxes. Thus was born the game of roulette, where a lucky ball placed on the moving wheel, this time operated manually, based on the central metal axis, gives the winning number every time when it stops on one of the colored boxes.

How to bet at casino roulette
As for the rules of casino roulette, they are extremely simple. They have hardly changed at all since the game was invented three or so centuries ago. Conceptually, the game consists of two main parts – the roulette wheel and the game table. It is the roulette wheel that gives us the winning number, the one announced by the croupier after the ball stops, and the game table, on which the numbers are written, from 1 to 36, next to the number zero. This was later added to the 36 numbers, out of a desire to make the game of roulette more difficult and at the same time more attractive. The numbers are delimited in lines and sectors, as well as in groups of six or eight numbers, so that we have more betting options.

The simplest bet at casino roulette is the one on a single number. This one will get you a 35x bet multiplier, but it’s also the hardest to get. Therefore, the game allows betting both on a single number and on a group of two or more numbers, in which case the winnings obtained decrease proportionally. Thus, at roulette you can bet on groups of 4, 6 or eight numbers, as well as on sectors or lines of 12 numbers, with winnings tripled. You can also bet on even, odd, red or black numbers, but also on small or large numbers, respectively, from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36, in which case the roulette bank will double your amount in case of gain.

Is there a jackpot at casino roulette?
And if you want even bigger winnings, there are some casinos that offer prizes even in the roulette game, where such incentives are not so common. Some online casinos can reward you for repeatedly guessing a certain number or even the number zero, in which case the amount you bet can be multiplied up to a thousand times.

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